Seasonal Icelandic Cuisine

passion and enthusiasm

The idea to open VON mathús could be attributed to the enthusiasm and passion of Einar Hjaltason and Kristjana Þura Berþórsdóttir but location and the demand for diverse and local food culture, also played a huge part in their decision to make their dream come true and begin working towards it.
VON mathús emphasises seasonal Icelandic cuisine combined with ingredients that complement each dish perfectly.

Acclaimed chef

copious amount of experience in the kitchen

Einar Hjaltason is an acclaimed and experienced chef having studied at one of the finest dining establishments in Iceland – Grillið, at Hótel Saga. He also took part in the opening of the Sjávargrillið restaurant and in 2012 he set his sights on England where he facilitated in the opening of a new fine dining restaurant by the name of Dabbous, which subsequently received a Michelin star only eight months after opening. After returning to Iceland he became a head chef at KOL restaurant on Skólavörðustígur where he recently resigned to focus on the opening of VON mathús.
Kristjana Þura, managing partner at VON, is born and raised in Hafnafjörður and has extensive knowledge in this particular field of the service industry, as she has spent the last ten years working in both the restaurant- and the hotel sector.

Homey and personal atmosphere

by the port area in Hafnafjörður

When the twosome knew that they were expecting their first child in 2013, it was as if Hafnafjörður called out to the young family and shortly before the arrival of their young daughter in early 2014 they’d already settled in the heart of Hafnafjörður. VON actually means hope and the family now wants to make their mark on the food culture and restaurant flora of the “town in the lava”. They felt that VON was especially appropriate for the mood that is ever present in the port area. As such they place a heavy emphasis on seafood- and sea-based ingredients and strive to only ever use the freshest ingredients in their dishes.

The fundamental concept of VON mathús is that there is always a homey atmosphere where personal comfort and professional service are interwoven at all times. Their hope is that this combination of atmosphere and service will make every customer feel comfortable whenever they dine at their establishment.