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Composed menu

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Light courses

Mussels 2.300 ISK

lemon mayo, potatoes, spring onion, herbs, cheese velote

OX Cheek 2.500 ISK

risotto, mushrooms, onion, parmesan cheese

Chicken 3.100 ISK

rucola, quinoa, red bellpepper, garlic mayo, cashew nuts


Cured Arctic Charr 1.950 ISK

sour cream, grapefruit, horseradish, grilled bread

Grilled Zucchini 1.900 ISK (V)

sunflower seeds, black olives, cucumber, red onion

Cusk ,ceviche‘ 2.290 ISK

sunchokes, rucola, lemon mayo, hazelnuts



Beetroots 2.900 ISK (V)

pearl barley, white cabbage, dijonnaise, granola

Fish Of The Day 3.700 ISK

fresh catch of the day

COD 3.800 ISK

houmous, carrots, fennel, pumpkinseeds, cumin mayo

Lambneck And Tri-Tip 4.900 ISK

polenta, swedes, capers, lamb jus  

Childrens Menu (under 12y) 1.490 ISK

Fish/chicken, new potatoes, veggies and ketchup


Apple 1.590 ISK

puff pastry, caramel, hazelnut parfait

Pavlova 1.590 ISK

rhubarb, creme patissiere, chantilly cream
(Vegan option available)